Friday, October 2, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys!

Today we celebrate 2 of our little buddies from our kindergarten class. Before school started, they did not know each other. As you can see, they are now great friends. They love to greet each other each morning and they get into lots of mischief together. They can usually be found in the reading center looking at books, laughing, talking and making noises that little boys like to make. These 2 seem to find each other no matter what we are doing at school, they just want to be together.

Isn't that what we want for all our kids? To find meaningful friendships with others who like the same things. To be a valued part of a classroom community is the right of every child. We are so thankful to have these 2 friends be a part of our first kindergarten class. A class where every child is included, valued, loved and cherished. A great beginning to a wonderful school year.


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